How to Email Large Video Files and more on How to Send Videos

Emailing files can be challenging at times, especially when your file size is too big for your email. Emailing a video file is a whole other story.

  • It takes forever to upload into the email 
  • It takes forever to actually send 
  • And... you’ll be lucky if it fits within the email size requirement. 

The person on the receiving end of your video email may also face challenges when it comes to playing or downloading the video. Especially if their device doesn’t support the file format.

So it begs the question, how do you email a large video file?

A simple answer, Cheers Video Mail.

Cheers Video Mail is a platform that lets you record and send video messages that actually play directly in the email itself.

You can record your video directly in the platform and insert it into your email.

You can also upload a video to your Cheers library and then insert it into your email.

Since your video is being inserted into the email itself, there is no need to worry about running out of attachment space.

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To learn how to record a video in Cheers Video Mail, watch the How to Create a New Video tutorial.